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One can trace the beginning of Kenya Tourism to the turn of the 20th century in the early 1930s, during the era when Kenya was under British Colonial rule, when the very first wildlife Safaris on the African continent were taking place in the country, more in the form of expeditions into the unexplored wilderness, teeming with magnificent wild animals. Today, Kenya is the home of the Safari package, a destination where one can experience seeing an animal paradise in truly amazing places such as Masai Mara and Amboseli.

Blessed with breathtaking landscapes, a friendly local population, pleasant year round weather and the rich collection of wildlife, it is little surprise then that Kenya Tourism offers one of the most desired travel experiences in the world. This website Kenya Tourism, is meant to be your guide to planning a Safari to Kenya and making the most of your visit to East Africa. Travelers considering visiting Kenya have many questions regarding their trip, from the best month to visit to which places to go to and how to plan a Kenya Safari and we are here to provide the best advise and guidance for your propsoed trip.

Therefore in case you require any information or guidance please feel welcome in reaching out to us via email or chat.

UPDATE: 05th May 2024: Masai Mara Floods: In light of the recent heavy rains in Kenya and flooding in some parts of the country including Masai Mara, we have placed a link here for a recent update from Masai Mara.

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Kenya offers the tourist many exciting activities to be enjoyed, with one of the most thrilling being a Hot Air Balloon Safari at the break of dawn, concluding with a 'Champagne Bush Breakfast' in the scenic wilderness of Masai Mara. This truly unique adventure activity is often one of those 'Bucket list' experiences for many travelers visiting Kenya. Another popular excursion in Kenya, specifically in Masai Mara or Amboseli National Park, is visiting a traditional tribal Maasai village which allows visitors a fascinating insight into the way of life of the famous nomadic Maasai tribe. In addition, one can choose to book everything from guided nature walks, sundowners, bush meals and picnics and horse or camel riding as part of your Safari in Kenya.


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With upto 390 species of mammals in Kenya and over 1100 bird species, Kenya has a rich diversity of wildlife and while out on Safari in one of the many national parks or reserves, it is expected that you would spot not only the 'Big Five' as often mentioned widely, but also infact the 'Big Nine', to include the Lion, Elephant, Leopard, Buffalo, Rhino, Girrafe, Zebra, Cheetah and Hippo if in one of the parks which has all these animals. The link below is a check list of animals and birds present in Kenya and includes basic information on each animal.

Click on this link to open the list of animals in Kenya to find a list of species of mammals and birds naturally habitating in parks and reserves within Kenya.