Kenya Safari Cost

How much is a Safari in Kenya ? Well, there are a number of factors that determines how much your overall Kenya Safari will cost. The beauty of it is that, the price can be as little or as much as you would like. For example, Full package prices vary considerably from USD 350 per person for a budget 3 day tour ( and a group of 6 persons in a vehicle) staying in a budget camp, right upto USD 1500 per person for luxury accommodation for the 3 day safari to Masai Mara.

Below is a list of some of the factors one should consider when calculating the cost of a Kenya Safari.

1. The type of Accommodation

Every tourist destination in Kenya has accommodation options to cater for various budgets of different clients preference. There are different classes of accommodation ranging from budget/cheap to mid-range to the most luxurious depending on what you want. For instance, If you spending a night in Nairobi you can get plenty of guesthouses at affordable prices between $15 to $20 per night.
You also have the option of staying at a luxurious International hotel in Nairobi that costs between $250 to $300 per night.

2. The season you are travelling

Prices tend to be high during the peak season which is normally during the wildebeest migration as more tourists are coming to Kenya making it more expensive to secure rooms because of the high demand. Peak season months are July to October. If you are on a limited budget best to avoid the peak season and plan for your Safari during the low season when the prices are lower.

3. The number of persons travelling

Obviously, when travelling in a group the cheaper it is for everyone, as you get to share the costs compared to when one or two persons are travelling. Also, depending on the ages of the children who are on the trip, it will affect the cost. Children under the age of 12 will pay a reduced cost compared to what adults will pay.

4. The Mode of Transportation

Depending on which mode of transport you prefer either flying or going by road, it will affect the cost. Flying to any tourist destination in Kenya is more expensive compared to travelling by road. For road transport, there are normally two types of vehicles that are used for safaris i.e Toyota Landcruisers or safari tour vans that carry upto 7 persons. Note that the landcruisers are more expensive than the tour vans but more comfortable. You hardly feel the rough road as you travel.

5. The Number of Days on your Safari

The cost for your safari is dependent on the number of days you are planning to be on safari. The more days you stay, the more you pay. For a client who is on a limited budget, it's advisable to spend lesser days, but if planning to stay longer then the best time to visit Kenya is during the low season when the prices are lower and attractions are less crowded.

6. National Parks/Reserves

There are a total of 58 National Parks and Reserves in Kenya, where traveller's can visit while on a safari. Depending on where one wants to visit, based on their interest; the kind of wildlife they want to see. This will directly affect the cost of their Safari. Of the 58 National Parks and Reserves; Amboseli,Tsavo,Samburu and Mara are the best known and they all have an entry fee which differs from one Park to another. For instance, Masai Mara Park entry fee is USD 70 per adult per 24 hours if staying inside the reserve or USD 80 per adult per 24 hours if staying outside the reserve. Children { upto 12 yrs of age} rates are USD 40 and 45 respectively. Amboseli Park entry fees is USD 60 per adult per 24 hours and children { upto 12 yrs of age} is USD 40.

7. Additional Activities to undertake

Apart from doing the normal safari with Safari game-drives only, some clients opt to add some activities such as the Maasai Village Visit, Hot Air Balloon Ride, Night Gamedrives, Nature Walks and Guided Safari Walks as well as Boat Ride and Horse Riding. These activities are quite a thrill and makes your Safari more experiential but comes at an added cost.

8. Other Factors

Apart from the above listed factors, there are other factors to consider when costing for your Kenya Safari such as Travel Visa, Insurance, International Flight Tickets, Tips, Laundry, Souvenirs, drinks and beverages.

In Conclusion, with these tips you can customize your Kenyan safari to meet your cost and to ensure you enjoy every bit of it, whether you are traveling alone or as group.

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