Mount Longonot National Park

Mount Longonot National Park is one of the many fascinating, yet least visited, attractions of Kenya. The park is located in the Lake Naivasha region, dominated by Mount Longonot itself. This stratovolcano, last thought to have erupted in the 1860's, is 2776 m above sea level. A unique feature is the thick forest that lies within the crater of the mountain. The crater rim also provides great scenic views across the beautiful Rift Valley all the way to Lake Naivasha.
The other major attractions of the park include the extinct volcano and crater forest and the views of Lake Naivasha and the Great Rift Valley. The park is also home to a wide variety of wildlife which include buffaloes, elands, lion, leopard, bushbucks, common zebra, giraffe and Grant’s gazelles. It is also a great destination for birding and in particular birds of prey.


Mount Longonot Hiking Trail, Kenya.

The park is home to various species of wildlife, notably plains zebra, giraffe, Thomson's gazelle, buffaloes and hartebeest. Black and white colobus monkeys can also be spotted inside the rim of the volcano and lammergeyers (bearded vulture) circling its jagged crest. Bird watching is a spectacular event in the park and in particular birds of prey. Click here to read more about Kenya Safari Animals and Wildlife.

Mount Longonot National Park Map

Weather & Climate

Mount Longonot National Park weather conditions are hot and dry. The annual average temperature is 25 °C with the highest ranging to about 30 °C and the lowest ranging to about 20 °C. The average annual rainfall is about 450 mm with the highest of about 700 mm and the lowest of 200 mm.

When to visit

Mount Longonot National Park can be visited all year round, given that the park experience favourable climatic conditions with no extreme season.


There are no lodge accommodation facilities inside the park except for Kenya Wildlife Service ( KWS ) campsites which are booked through them. However a wide range of accommodations options are available in Naivasha Town and along Moi South Lake Road. Some nearby accommodation facilities include;

  • Lake Naivasha Country Club
  • Camp Carnelleys
  • Enashipae Resort and Spa
  • Naivasha Kongoni Lodge
  • Lake Naivasha Panorama Park

  • Executive Suite Interior at Lake Naivasha Country Club.

    Typical Room Interior at Naivasha Kongoni Lodge.

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